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Monday, May 22, 2006

Whoa! I feel good! I [didn't know] that I would now.

Update: if anyone really cares, I added a couple more pre-Ball photos a little further down the page.

Coming home tonight, I felt grrreat. On a fine high! It's amazing what a productive day's study (and a wise selection of music on the bus ride home) can do. I worked in college from 12 until 11, with very few breaks. I feel like I've nailed most of the pure maths for Thursday. Tuesday's exam is more imminent, so tomorrow shall be even more hardcore. I plan a stint from 9am until 10pm.

I've found the most wonderful place to study. I've never been so productive. It literally is my ideal environment: a small atrium deep within the Hamilton (Science) block. It's serene, almost empty and amazingly airy. Sod's Law dictates that I'd only discover such a location the weekend before my finals. I'm very sensitive to my study environment; had I found this earlier, I would certainly be getting a First in my degree. Alas no.

Last night the bus journey home was traumatic. Two hours (11.30 - 1.30), with all kinds of nonsense. Tonight's was fine; I played some Morrissey, Interpol and Stone Roses before closing with a triple blast from Bruce Springsteen. Exactly what I needed - driving, air-punching, sing-along rock! Yes, that nut walking through North Dublin around midnight, singing out "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" with a dumb grin and not a care in the world... that might have been me. The song that came to an end as I fumbled for my keys: "Countin' on a Miracle". How apt!

I feel good. Now for four hours' sleep - here's hoping the adrenaline carries me through the next ten days!

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