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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Graduation is tedium.

My exams begin in just two and a half weeks. I also have a 20-page paper due next week. The combination is a little frightening.

Earlier in the week, a stack of information about my graduation ceremony squeezed through my letter-box. It's scheduled for the 13th of November; so as it stands, I won't be able to attend. The family are rather disappointed with that revelation; I'll be the first one on this side of the family to graduate from university. I might be able to switch to a different ceremony in early July, but there are bureaucratic obstacles. None of my class or friends would be graduating then, which would take all the fun out of the day.

Anyway! I'm nonplussed at missing my graduation, as it's a rather dull, pretentious and expensive affair. Trinity wouldn't be Trinity without ladling on the pretension. The ceremony is conducted entirely in Latin. The letter informed me that "children will find the proceedings long and tedious". Only children? ;)

OK, I confess - I'd like to go... but only to find out what my name is in Latin!

The degree parchments themselves are in Latin, but an English translation can be requested (no doubt for a fee). Photography ranges from €50 to €116, depending on requirements. €85 to hire the required clothing for its hour-long use, and another €98 just to be conferred with the degree! Grr. There's a "special dinner" at €30 per head. I know exactly what that food tastes like, so I shan't be paying. I would happily go for dinner somewhere else though. :) There aren't any dinners in July, so no dilemma arises.

It's all very meh. There are an infinite number of events which promise a lot more fun. If I was to be in Ireland in November, I'd love to go - to see everyone again and have a fantastic night. But I'm not going to be here, so... meh. I'm not spending a thousand euro just to fly back for it!!!

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