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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Minor milestones.

4th October 2005 - Bitching Brew is founded.

18th September 2006 - Martin bids a fond goodbye to his old life, and a giddy hello to TO.

23rd September 2006 - I attend my first baseball game. Three dozy hours later, it's clear that I've also attended my last baseball game.

1st October 2006 - Canadian television meets the emigré for the first time.

4th October 2006 - 191 posts later, the first anniversary of my blog passes without notice, as I'm busy moving into my new apartment. I think the first night in my new home was a tad more significant. Euphoria strikes again when I discover the bagel bakery two minutes from my door. :)

5th October 2006 - Martin visits Ikea. Yes, it's almost as big as you've imagined.

12th October 2006 - First snowfall in Toronto. It's chilly out.

13th October 2006 - Second snowfall in Toronto. It's bloody freezing.

Looking forward to a long, cold winter.

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  • LOL! I hate baseball too. Watching baseball is almost as painfull as watching paint dry. I say "almost", because at a baseball game, I can entertain myself by drinking beer and watching the players' nice muscular butts in their little tight pants. LOL!

    So... it snowed already in Toronto? Twice? Really? Wow! It's usually colder in Montreal, since it's located more to the North, and it hasn't snowed yet. In fact, we had a pretty warm fall. But I should just shut up, because I'm sure that just because I've said that, it will be freezing tomorrow.

    By Blogger Sonia, at Mon Oct 23, 02:59:00 a.m.  

  • Fie upon baseball. It's hockey all the way now. This city is obsessed with hockey. Even though the Leafs are (whisper) not very good. They can't win a shootout to save their lives. Still, I'm making an effort to support them.

    Aye, I've heard that Montreal is even colder. Yet for some reason (my arrival, no doubt) the trend has reversed. Ah, never fear. When it's minus 30 down here, we'll keep warm by chuckling to ourselves about those poor Montrealers, stuck underground, forty below zero. :P

    By Blogger Martin, at Fri Oct 27, 02:14:00 a.m.  

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