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Thursday, February 26, 2009

And now for Europe...

I'm a little nervous now. Sure, I'm excited, but this is the time when the anxiety creeps in. I can no longer escape the fact that I'll be alone, without no one to turn to, through several foreign countries. Yes, the 24 hours before departure have a habit of suppressing all my previous confidence... but only for those 24 hours.

It'll be fine once I'm on the ferry. Until then, a gaggle of little doubts will merrily Morris-dance around my skull.

My trip plan has altered slightly. My first bed will be in Brussels instead of Paris. Since it'll take me 22 hours and 5 connections to get there, I'm giving it two nights. I'm now ending the journey in Istanbul rather than Ephesus. Also, I'll poke my head into Luxembourg, and I've dropped Zurich and Salzburg. This way, I'll be spending a little longer in each of my stops, which should make the trek less tiring without being less rewarding.

Onward, pseudo-soldier.

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