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Monday, August 25, 2008

The August update.


  • I'm just back from a long weekend at the Edinburgh festival(s). It's definitely a must-see.
  • I'll be spending much of October and November preparing for the GRE. Oh joy. There's also the small matter of filling out several course applications.
  • After a lull of over half a year, the internet will soon return to my home life. I'm moving out of the money-pit in two weeks. I have high hopes for the next place, wherever and whatever that turns out to be. It will have internet. And a washing machine. And a passable kitchen.
  • September is going to be a blast. Can-Can-Canada, here I come again. This'll be the third September in a row I'll have been in TO. (Yes, I really like the film festival. The heat and sunshine also appeal.) A few days in the metropolis, catching films and embracing friends, will be followed by fourteen speeding around eastern Canada. This year, I'm going beyond my usual urban adventures. The great wilderness awaits. Let's hear it for a few of these: hiking, kayaking, sailing, whale-watching, bungee jumping, camping, canoeing, river-tubing, mountain biking, and a fair sprinkling of culture and fun.


  • I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow morning.

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