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Thursday, April 03, 2008


Just a very quick note. I've been conspicuously absent from the blog (and the internet) for the past month, due to the equally conspicuous absence of internet in my new apartment/cramped closet in a 200 year old building. Although I've written plenty in notebooks, I haven't had the time to load anything up, and it has a tendency to date. (Like me?!) This internet cafe isn't free, and it's also cramped.

Still, I live in one of the best locations in Dublin. The southern end of Camden Street is not to be sniffed at, nor is my 7 minute walk to work. I'm surrounded by cheap stores, great bars and ridiculous clubs. Around the corner is Ireland's only Jewish bakery, which is a morning pilgrimage point. Life isn't bad. I see my friends all the time now. Come visit. I make good coffee and have an intriguing drinks cabinet. Failing that, come for exotic teas and Hob Nobs.



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