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Monday, November 19, 2007

More pictures from Vancouver.

On a chilly October morning, I cycled around Stanley Park and through much of the city. This shot was taken from the Stanley Park seawall.

A small lake in the untamed heart of Stanley Park.

Looking over False Creek toward English Bay, with Granville Island to the left.

The Raven And The First Men, by Haida artist Bill Reid, at the Museum of Anthropology.

Another exhibit at the Museum.

A small garden behind UBC's Asian Centre.

Fall colours, anyone?

The Skytrain platform at VCC-Clark station. A police officer watches as 300 revellers in fancy dress show up for a secret Halloween party on a modest Skytrain. It was the most intimate gathering I've ever attended...

After the Skytrain party, we wound our way to an outdoor after-party in the warehouse district. Here, a pirate beholds Che playing the bongo. Aar.

A few of the fantastic Vancouver gang: Nurse Ratched, Che Guevara, and Lady Christina Marmalade, with Samantha Stephens left up front to bewitch onlookers.

A giant chicken gets a ride on a unicycle atop a bicycle. Yeah.

Looking down on Vancouver from the top of Grouse Mountain. It was a gruelling climb, higher and steeper than anything in Ireland. If only we'd known about the cable car...

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