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Monday, September 10, 2007

And it all comes down to this...

If we separate, so we end with one last kiss, to celebrate, like a cold December, that you always remember.

I have just over a week left in Toronto. The end, sadly, is nigh. My friends, my heart and home... all shall return to the ether.

I can't wait to see my friends and family back in Ireland; it's been far too long. A two week visit would never have been enough. And yet... I'm very unhappy to be leaving Toronto. As I've said before, this city has embraced me, and I it; for the first time in my life, I feel like I belong. This is the place for me, not Dublin (despite its gruff charm), and certainly not priggish Trinity. Perhaps I'll be back. Next autumn, I intend to be in grad school, and I will apply to universities in both Canada and Britain.

Luckily, I have two months of unbounded fun left until I return to Ireland. The Film Festival still has six days left to run; what I've seen already has been outstanding. On the 17th, I fly to Nashville. Everything after that is open-ended. I will spend at least a week in eastern Tennessee with my uncle and his family, and further explore the South from there. In early October, I'll head all the way to Vancouver to reunite with friends and sample Western Canada. I may adventure into the Rockies, depending on my budget and energy level. At some point, I'll return to Toronto, which I'll use as a base to explore Quebec and the rest of Ontario. Once my budget and stamina run down (in early November?), it'll be time to bid my final goodbyes. Dublin's clammy embrace awaits.

Like my heart, my accent has acquired a definite Canadian hue and rhythm. It's also become a lot clearer. People find it increasingly difficult to guess my origin. On his recent visit, my brother was surprised at how much my speech had evolved. The difference between us was pronounced. I like my new melange of an accent - it's cosmopolitan but not mid-Atlantic. I wonder how well it'll go down in Dublin...?

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