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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Musing on a Saturday night... a quiet Saturday night.

I'm enjoying my first "quiet" week in Canada. After the Canada Day shebang, I decided that I needed to take a three week break from marathons, binges, all-nighters and other madness. My energy levels and bank balance were feeling the pain of three months' solid fun. Six days in, and I'm loving it. I still meet up with friends some evenings, but alcohol, bars and clubs aren't part of my agenda. Iced coffees, crepes, movies, festivals, and used bookstores pass the time just as enjoyably. Imagine - I live in a city where I can browse a dozen used bookstores until midnight!

I'm beginning to reflect on my time here, and on my own evolution. What's most striking is that I'm fundamentally the same. No one in Dublin will fail to recognise me. My behaviour, beliefs and attitudes are quite similar to what they were 10 months ago. In any given 10 months at uni, they were much more variable. My personality has settled, and I'm very secure with it.

What has changed is not the skeleton, but the flesh. I'm now confident, astute and experienced. Such qualities weren't always in abundance, either personally, socially or professionally. (On the flip-side, those flaws that still persist are, I suspect, most likely ingrained.) So while no one will fail to recognise me, they will notice how much older I seem. My actual maturity has caught up with my apparent maturity. For many years, I came across as more mature than I actually was. People mistook my intellectual maturity for emotional maturity, and were eventually disappointed when the mask slipped. That wasn't a fault of mine: it's the lot of smart young things.

I like being in balance: it's more comfortable for me, and I'm not selling anyone a pup. As an added bonus, I can now date older women without making a complete hash of it. I now mark 22 to 27 as the age range I'm most adept in; it tails off either side. That applies in friendship as well as in modern romance. Know your own limits and weaknesses - but be confident. Sure, I'm imperfect, but Canada has taught me one truly great lesson: that I'm a damn fine catch! ;)

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  • I likw books. I like bookstores. I like used bookstores! There just something about books, isn't there? They're comforting. They hold the promise of a fantastic adventure. They are the doorway to great knowledge. With a good book, you're never alone.

    When people ask what I would bring on a desert island, I always say "a library". I didn't used to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but about a year ago, I watch an old episode, and when I saw the school library, I almost had an orgasm. I wanted that library to be my bedroom. LOL! No kidding! I don't know if you ever saw that show, so you might not know what I'm talking about, but as far as I'm concern, that library was kicking ass.

    I'm glad to read that you're still enjoying your time in Canada. Leaving family and friends behind is always a great occasion to take a journey inside ourself and discover who we are. I hope you're having a great summer.

    By Blogger Sonia, at Sun Jul 15, 03:51:00 a.m.  

  • Dublin once had good used bookstores, but they're almost all gone. It's really sad. Each one in Toronto has its own character.

    Hey, sex in a library is a popular fantasy! Buffy was one of my favourite shows as a teenager. Who wouldn't be impressed by athletic, cool, mysterious, and wise-cracking women?

    I'm enjoying my summer here. The last week has been very mixed. I've had some really bad times, but also some of my best moments here. I spent two days' wages on a fancy dinner date this evening, but it was all worth it. She's hot and charming. :)

    By Blogger Martin, at Thu Jul 19, 05:09:00 a.m.  

  • Two days wages! Wow! I hope that was the best meal ever! LOL!

    By Blogger Sonia, at Thu Jul 19, 07:43:00 p.m.  

  • It was really good. You have to treat yourself (and the right person) once in a while!

    By Blogger Martin, at Wed Aug 01, 06:17:00 a.m.  

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