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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Making good use of a sick day.

Afternoon all. Yes, I'm still alive and kicking - so much so that I haven't posted in close to a month. Life is hectic, social and fun. However, I've had to take a sick day, due to a shredded throat and a very sore left cheek. No, I wasn't at the tequila and tabasco last evening; that was a one-time-only horror. 'Tis probably a wee bug of some sort. Despite my headache, the day off is being put to good uses, such as cleaning, blogging and sunbathing.

Returning from the snow-slurried village, I fell into another round of meeting new people. It's been the boon of the spring; I've acquired nearly a dozen more accomplices, explored new districts (and bars), and delved deeper into Toronto's multiform music scene. After several false starts, I made it to a pro hockey match; 'twas a spectacle to shame dreary baseball. True to hockey tradition, the game had to be stopped after five seconds due to a brawl.

On the 19th, my first visitors arrived: my mother and aunt flew in from Ireland. They spent ten days in Canada, taking a break in Montreal midway through their stay. It was great to see my mother in particular. You appreciate someone a lot more when you don't see them day in, day out. I tried to show them as much of Toronto as possible, and was aided by a sudden heatwave. On the day of their arrival, winter weather was finally beaten out of Toronto; it hasn't dared show itself since. The timing was perfect.

The warm weather and warming circumstances have stirred my soul; I'm really enjoying myself now after a bleak end to winter. Onward and upward - yet never forgetful of that mid-September deadline. If I must depart for duller climes, I'll leave in style, my case jammed with the best memories of my life. A grand tour of the US and Canada is on the cards once my work permit expires. Money permitting, my final flourish will be an autumn trip to the Arctic; the Northern Lights await.

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  • Hey Martin!

    It's nice to hear (or I should say "to read") that your mom and aunt came for a visit. I hope that they enjoyed themselved. I know what you mean about appreciating our loved ones more when we don't see them every day. I'm always excited when my parents come to visit... and always excited when they leave. LOL!

    Summer finally is one breeze away. Isn't it great? Today it was 30ºC and my daughter was complaining that it was too hot. I said "Hey! We complained for weeks that winter did not want to leave; we're not going to start complaining that it's too hot!"

    I hope that you'll feel better tomorrow and be back in good form for the weekend.

    By Blogger Sonia, at Fri May 11, 04:47:00 a.m.  

  • I was back in form straight away. I find I'm acquiring a taste for the North American "party hard" attitude. It must be the steamy summer weather. More 30 degree days are imminent.

    I agree with you - let's not complain!

    By Blogger Martin, at Wed May 23, 04:41:00 a.m.  

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