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Monday, January 15, 2007

Daft games.

Tip: don't invite me to play in your party games. Oh, I'm a fun competitor, but I have a dangerous tendency to... win. On New Year's Day, I took honours in the Game of Life (though my hectic lifestyle meant that I was impotent while the others were still making hay). This afternoon, I secured a crushing victory in my first game of Fuzzy Bunny.

Fuzzy Bunny eh? Bear with me. Fuzzy Bunny is a daft but fun game, albeit one carrying a tiny risk of choking. We four (the three roomies plus one date) played while sober (though I was fresh/stale from my bed), averting that particular danger. All the game requires is a bag of marshmallows. We happened to use large marshmallows, but the size is irrelevant. Each player attempts to fit, one by one, as many marshmallows as possible in their mouth without swallowing or chewing. "Fuzzy Bunny" has to be said (how it actually sounds is irrelevant) after each marshmallow in order for it to count. I somehow squeezed seven large marshmallows in, muttered "phummhghfihppdhth!" through the sticky mass, did a victory dance, and ran to spit the suffocating gank out.

The twenty dollar reward was a fine salad to the ego boost.

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