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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ten observations and points.

  1. I now eat chips (fries) with mayonnaise. It always sounded ghastly, but really it tastes great.
  2. I buy my milk in plastic bags. Though I may have mentioned it before, it's worth repeating.
  3. You haven't lived till you've heard a gentleman grumbling about his overdue plumber in the following terms: "I'm going to give him a good rogering when he gets here."
  4. Canadian beers are superior to US beers. That's not to say that the States doesn't produce some excellent beers, particularly microbrews. However, they're less widely distributed than their Canadian equivalents. The corollary is that the average Canadian bar stocks a wider and superior selection to the average US waterhole. Among the mid-size brands, I find that Sleeman's Honey Brown and Rickard's Red are quite excellent. Astoundingly, I have seen the odd sozzled soul clutching a Budweiser. Thankfully, such people are rare - much rarer than their Irish counterparts.
  5. There's no such thing as a good corporate Christmas party. Entertainment is scarce at these non-alcoholic functions. Must be a Canadian thing. Or is just Toronto?
  6. In Ireland, they drop a bit of salt and grit on icy roads. Here, the roads and footpaths are lavished with salt. Big, giant pebble-sized chunks of salt which wreck the shoes. It says something about the climate when my local grocer stacks 10 kg bags of salt under his awning. At $4.99, a veritable bargain.
  7. Neck collars are itchy buggers.
  8. My minor injury has led me to a disturbing discovery: this website.
  9. Eighty percent of the time, my wit translates well. The other twenty percent has resulted in both hilarious and horrendous situations. One need not avoid irony here; however, it must be used selectively and cautiously. Bear the audience in mind. My David Brent sketch at the office was a notable disaster.
  10. I'm off for Christmas. The coming week promises to be special, both up north and in Toronto. Have a good one folks!

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  • Love Rickard's Red! That has been my beer of choice for the past few years.

    OK. Seriously Martin. I've checked that neck brace Web site and all I have to say is... you've been spending waaaaayyyyyy too much time on the Internet. Your vacation is going to do you some good. LOL!

    By Blogger Sonia, at Sun Dec 24, 11:44:00 p.m.  

  • Mayonnaise . . . yum! Mayonnaise and fries . . . double yum! Have you tried just mayonnaise and dill on bread? That'll be the next step. That's when you know the mayonnaise addiction has reached its worst . . . well, now that my mouth is watering I'm off to grab a bite to eat.

    Have a wonderful holidays!

    By Blogger C the Maven, at Thu Dec 28, 03:09:00 a.m.  

  • No, I'm disciplined enough to avoid mayo on bread. I think. Hmm. (Scribbles note)

    Also, Rickard's Red is quite fine. As for avoiding stupid internet sites, I think I need a longer holiday. It felt like I'd never been away from my desk. :(

    By Blogger Martin, at Thu Jan 04, 12:22:00 a.m.  

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