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Monday, December 18, 2006

The parade of goodbyes.

In the beginning, when I arrived in Toronto, I met five people. From them, most of my early adventures and networks arose. I'm not sure how I would have managed without them. Alas, the easy life never lasts: two of them have left Toronto in the past month. A third departs on Wednesday and a fourth is moving on in January.

I saw this coming a month ago. I can't say that the prospect filled my heart with joy. To be honest, I was quite scared. While I knew what had to be done - I had to put myself out and meet more people - that is a task much easier said than done. Now, in mid-December, I'm happy to report that I've succeeded. In that time, I've overstepped my mark once or twice and made a fool of myself a little more often. It was all in the service of a good cause. I've met almost a dozen new faces, some of them quite special indeed.

Here's to the proactive, the brave and the silly - may complacency never claim them.

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