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Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's no better to be safe than sorry.

It's my birthday this coming Monday, which is bringing Dublin and my many friends and family to mind more than usual. I do wish they were here to help celebrate. I have plans, and I'll have fun, but that doesn't abate the feeling.

I heard A-Ha's Take On Me tonight, for the first time since my goodbye party in Doyle's. It is, arguably, one of the greatest pop songs ever recorded. Question: would it have sold half as much without that inspired video?

The night was drawing to a close in Doyle's, and though my feet were tired from dancing, I managed to drag the whole party down to the floor for this last hurrah. If I recall correctly, I almost burst my lungs singing along (and still I couldn't hit the high notes). Drunk and departing as I was, "I'll be gone in a day or two" was a poignant line to be yelling. Cheesy though it may sound, it brought the salty water to my eyes. Not sure if anyone noticed...

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  • Wasn't the song 'Take on me' released earlier in the 80's without making much of a splash since it wasn't coupled with A-Ha's famous video of later on?

    Anyone who likes this song and likes Family Guy has to check out the parody on youtube!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Nov 28, 06:42:00 a.m.  

  • Aye, the Family Guy sketch is great!

    By Blogger Martin, at Mon Dec 11, 04:34:00 a.m.  

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