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Thursday, November 09, 2006

A crumb of hope for the vanquished.

To the lunatic wing of the Republican party, I offer you a way back. Bear with my [deceptively invalid] logic for one minute.

1. Donald Rumsfeld was an incompetent President's pet with a penchant for serial mismanagement.
2. That a senior manager remained in office with such a record is a scandal.
3. A private corporation would have shown such an incompetent the door years ago.
4. This [one example] demonstrates that the public sector is too slow in removing inept staff and management.
5. The slowness of the response constitutes a grave inefficiency.
6. Improving government efficiency is a laudable policy goal.
7. [Unsubstantiated assertion] In this area, the private sector has a clear efficency advantage.
8. A privatised government [responsible only to its shareholders] would not tolerate Rumsfeldian negligence, and would thus be a more efficient government.

The privatisation of the United States government is a laudable policy goal.

There's your big idea for the 2008 fightback, eh?

Think about how you could sell it. Private corporations [such as Halliburton] are profiteering off the back of the government as it is, without reward to the American taxpayer. Privatisation would involve a once-off lump-sum transfer from the corporate sector to the oppressed taxpayers. Everyone gains: the corporations get to maximise profit by cutting inefficiencies, and the taxpayers earn compensation for the current (and future discounted) profit stream. [Of course, the taxpayers would receive this windfall in proportion to their tax contributions. Otherwise, this would be income redistribution by stealth.]

I can see it now:

Cheney/Santorum '08: Privatise Government!

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