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Thursday, September 07, 2006

My titles are becoming less eye-catching.

My posting has been wretchedly sporadic over the past six weeks. As ever, I have a ready-made excuse. I only finished work last Sunday, the 3rd. Considering that the 16th of August was my only day off since late July... you get the picture. Sympathy, understanding, yadda yadda.

I still haven't had the chance to take a day off, as I've been beavering away at a dizzying list of things to do, objects to buy, and people to see. Inroads are being made, fortunately! Only while I was compiling the list did I realise quite how many friends I have. The list of people to see runs to 56, counting neither friends abroad nor the odd dozen who long ago dropped from my radar. That's a heart-warming number (though not immanently so); I do hope at least half can come to the fare-me-well party. Soon I'll find out who I can and can't live without; I doubt the answers will conform to prediction.

I have just nine or ten days to wrap everything up, for I sail early on the 18th. How could I resist two weeks on the ocean... Easily - I'm flying direct. At least a fortnight in a hostel beckons, but I hope to be set up in a new home by the 1st of October. The freedom and alienation of metropolitan life lies ahead. Strange to think that more people live around Toronto than on this whole island. Yes, I've been in bigger cities before, but I've never lived in one. A final point - you know what I'm really looking forward to? The second-run and repertoire cinema circuit. Why bother seeing the latest stinker when, for a fraction of the price, one can see a slightly older but more reputable film?

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