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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Still kicking.

Ah, these 66-hour weeks are killing me. So tired! I don't know how young doctors manage it. Seriously. I'm in bits, and nothing important hinges on my work. (My employer would no doubt disagree.)

On my break today, I bought a guidebook to Toronto. The truth is that I don't know too much about the city, so it really was essential. 5 and a half weeks... tick-tock. I'm getting excited now, after the early summer lull. Already I've a list of side trips planned. I intend visiting Boston and Chicago in the US, as well as Alaska when I'm in Vancouver. Montreal is an absolute must; I might even live there for a time. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland will be investigated. I will certainly be venturing into the far north at one point, but the exact location doesn't matter! Banff National Park looks astonishing - another must. Add to that a trip on the Transcontinental Railroad.

Not my most coherent post (I'm exhausted), 'tis true; I merely wanted to prove that I'm still alive. This might not be cast-iron proof, but...

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