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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Skip hopping into another month.

August is upon me, and upon the rest of you too. That means I'm leaving Ireland next month. Wow. Time is slipping away. It still feels like the right thing to do, but I've got something to confess. Life is fantastic right now; the last few weeks have been awesome. Maybe I'm in a bit of a comfort zone at the moment, but that's nothing to be ashamed of. It feels great. Even though I know it won't last, i.e. that it really is a summer phenomenon, a part of me is reluctant to up and leave such a good situation. The reason is that such good times don't come around too often, and so they should be savoured to the last drop. If a couple of lucky wildcards appear, this could even be the perfect summer. On the other hand, it's not going to get much better than this. Although we've all been guilty of it, there's little point clinging on to a sinking liner. Take all that you can, and bid a fond farewell. (In my case, to life as I know it.) Thus my course remains true.

I have almost seven weeks still to enjoy (and to work through). I'm going to arrange a goodbye party for either the 15th or the 16th of September, which means either a Friday or a Saturday night. Kind of looking forward to it. My recent efforts at holding a big get-together fizzled out a little. Too many people had work the next morning, or had gone home, or blah (insert lame excuse here). That said, it was still a good night.

I'm really liking the inexpensive nature of summer socialising. (My burgeoning passion for red wine is a small but significant aid.) Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights out coupled with a Sunday trip to Dun Laoghaire cost me a combined 44 euro. That's a great deal, unlikely to be repeated.

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  • 44 euro for a whole weekend!! How did you manage that? I remember spending fresher week years ago sneaking into college clubs to get drunk for free. Those were the days. But seriously, even 44 euros on one night is considered cheap in our rip-off town. I'm impressed!

    And about travel, remember that people always feel like they may be making a mistake on the verge of moving. When i left a month ago i thought the same thing. Life was fun, drink was flowing, friends were partying... but it's only when you arrive at your destination that you realise why you should be there. I'll even pop up and sponge off you when you arrive since you're saving so much money in Dublin!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Aug 01, 10:51:00 p.m.  

  • The weekend just gone, I managed to get a Saturday night out and a whole Sunday for less than twenty euro. Brilliant! It's all about cutting back on the alcohol. Most importantly, it means drinking cheaply with friends before hitting the nightspots.

    Think there'll be opportunities for crashing foreign fresher weeks, eh? In either Toronto or Philly? It must be looked into.

    Yeah, things are still great here. Damn it! Why the hell am I enjoying Dublin like I never have before?! BTW, if sponging off me translates as sleeping on my floor and contributing to the cost of my pasta and tomato sauce, you're more than welcome! It's pretty much the deal I'm broadcasting!

    By Blogger Martin, at Wed Aug 16, 01:46:00 a.m.  

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