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Thursday, August 24, 2006

A positive spin on a wretched throw.

I've had an eventful day. I chalked up two positives and one negative. Firstly, I had a great and unexpected evening with friends. That's the first plus. :)
On the downside, something very worrying happened today. I'm not going to detail it here; I can only describe it as frightening, embarrassing, potentially dangerous and certainly undignified. By the way, I don't bear any culpability. The positive spin is that I handled the situation exceptionally well. Since the incident could never have been foreseen, I suspect that the vast majority of people, and indeed my younger self, would have wilted or fled. I didn't; I was confident, even brazen. Best of all, I was decisive. That gives me huge confidence going to Canada. I'm ready for this - ready for whatever curveballs await.



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