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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Meow. Etc.

We seem to be adopting a kitten. She's a lovely little black and white cat - about three or four months old. I don't normally get attached to animals, but I really love this kitten. She's been hanging around the house and garden for about six weeks, but especially for the past ten days. Apparently her mother is a local stray, so we'll need to get the kitten domesticated pretty quickly.

It rained heavily all Tuesday. I found her sheltering under a bush in the front garden this morning, so took her in, dried her off and tried to feed her. She was meowing - looking for something - but I couldn't figure out what. Warmth perhaps? All she wanted to do was curl up on my lap. She wasn't keen on her normal food or on water. One of her front paws seemed to be hurting her. Eventually, I brought the food and water out to the shed and left her there, loosely wrapped in a warm towel. I had to go to work, you see! When I came home this evening, it was as if she hadn't moved all day. She's curled up on her towel, and still hasn't eaten much food. I'm not sure about her paw, or whether her breathing sounds right; if there's no improvement in the morning, I'll bring her to the vet.

One major problem is that I'm leaving in five weeks. The family seem quite happy to keep her, even though my brother prefers dogs. This kitten is very likeable. The second problem is rather awkward. Although she hasn't got a collar, my brother has heard that a family down the street are claiming the kitten, despite having recently obtained a new one. I have strong reservations about this. The cat has been up with us non-stop for the past ten days, and they haven't made the slightest effort to find her. They haven't been feeding her, nor have they given her any veterinary treatment. Worst of all, this family seem to take pretty poor care of their own children. All I'll say is that their toddlers have been found wandering alone in the town on more than one occasion.

So I'm not sure what to do. If this family genuinely had been caring for the kitten, then I wouldn't even consider keeping her. Yet there's no evidence to suggest that, and other neighbours agree. Pet "ownership" is a rather difficult concept, especially if the animal was neither bought nor given, but instead found wandering. I'm inclined to keep her and attach a collar, rather than return her to a potentially neglectful environment. Yes, clearly I'm biased. Thoughts anyone?

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  • Keep the cat!! You must post photo's along with an update of her situation. How's the paw doing?

    By Blogger C the Maven, at Sat Aug 26, 02:16:00 a.m.  

  • Apologies, have had so little time to spare recently.

    If I was staying, I would have definitely kept her. But the house'll be empty for much of the day, so when the people next door decided to adopt her, I was happy with the compromise. She still comes in here and sleeps some days, and never fails to snack on our food. We still have kitten food for her!

    By Blogger Martin, at Sun Sep 17, 09:27:00 p.m.  

  • Photos will follow (already taken). And the paw was fine, as it turned out. Just a little sore.

    By Blogger Martin, at Sun Sep 17, 09:27:00 p.m.  

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