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Monday, June 26, 2006

The World Cup so far.

It's strange that I hadn't posted anything about the World Cup up until this point, because I've watched about half of the games. I guess barstool debating relaxes the urge to diatribe via the blog.

England are bad. Wow. I can't believe that this shambles of a side now have a shot at the semi-finals. It sickens me whenever a team gets a positive result from a dreadful performance. Well, England have managed to sicken me in all four of their matches. I'm not anti-England by any means; before the tournament kicked off, I would have been fairly happy to see them win. No more. Their lack of technique and incoherence can merit only one result: defeat. I hope the depleted Portuguese strip the last tatters of hype from their sails.

I'm still loving Argentina, even if the Mexicans matched them every inch of the way Saturday evening. The Argies are everything Brazil aspire to be. Their philosophy is slightly less cynical than in previous years, and their attacking interplay is sublime. Heinze is still lacking match practice, and I wouldn't trust Scaloni to guard a dollar, but those are the only two chinks in the squad that I can see. Above all, Saviola's renaissance has been a delight. Almost a forgotten man, he was outstanding in the first two group games. Brilliant as Tevez and Messi are, Saviola's performances ought to keep them on the bench.

The Germans, one suspects, will be the biggest test of all; they were imperious in the first half against Sweden. Whoever comes out of their clash with Argentina ought to be ranked as clear favourites for the Cup. Were they not meeting so early, I'd rank them as joint favourites.

Overall, I've enjoyed the tournament. Just like in Euro 2000, overhyped egos and dinosaur playing styles have been exposed - even if the Sven juggernaut lurches on one more week. I wasn't sure that I'd get so engrossed given Ireland's (deserved) absence, but, leaving aside some dreadfully dull group games, it's been fun. On a final note, Souness has been an inspired signing by RTE, and Garth Crooks is a joke surpassed only by Alan Shearer, Ian Wright and of course ITV in general.



  • I think Argentina is giving a good show and I am eager to watch Spain and France tom (I'm rooting for Spain in that match) I just saw that you had decided to go to Toronto. I think you'll love it there-it's a fun city with an amazing amount of things to do.

    By Blogger Etchen, at Mon Jun 26, 10:12:00 p.m.  

  • I was totally rooting for Spain too! France played superbly though, so I can't complain. It's great being able to switch allegiances!

    Yes, definitely going to Toronto. So much to work out before I leave, but I do have the work permit. I'll stay there for at least six months before moving on. Can't wait!

    I've been hopeless at reading blogs over the last month and a half, just glancing at them really. Just been emailing in my posts. I should get around to more activity and browsing soon. I see that you've had busier things to worry about too! Loved the Tom Jones story! :)

    By Blogger Martin, at Thu Jun 29, 01:35:00 a.m.  

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