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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A quick revelation.

My degree results came out today...

And I did better than expected! It looks like I scored a First average in my final exams. That wasn't quite enough to give me an overall First Class degree, given previous results, but I've ended up with a high II.1, in the 67-68 ballpark. I've to wait until Thursday for a precise breakdown. I'm delighted!!! That should be enough to get me into any of the courses I was looking at.

Even better, all of my friends have done brilliantly. I'm surrounded by geniuses. At least six of them got Firsts. One of my best friends came top in the Arts faculty, and is a shoe-in for a gold medal. Another is in pretty much the same position, and has also been nominated for a gold medal. Happy times indeed!!!

On a final note, some of the excellent results I mention, including my own, are a great vindication of the TAP scheme. Many of us could never have made into Trinity without it. And it's a given that none of us would have had the funds to support ourselves. So a big thanks is due to everyone involved with TAP.

P.S. I shall get around to all my replies tomorrow!

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