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Friday, June 02, 2006

Living on the edge. (Irony signposted in advance.)

Play on the edge. I do that in many aspects of my life. My aim is to do so in all aspects, even the most banal.

I had a slightly heart-stopping moment just there. I went rummaging through the Drafts folder of my Gmail, and clicked to open the most recent one. There is only one reason why an email ends up in the Drafts folder: at the last minute, I realise that it should not be sent. (The same holds with draft blog posts.) At least not without a thorough revision, which translates as "watering-down or removing the emotive parts". (Now THAT'S common.) Stupidly, most of these emails have a subject and (un)intended recipient still attached.

The email wouldn't open, but instead disappeared from the list. A brief explanation appeared: "The message you have requested is no longer available in this folder". Oh. No. If it's not in Drafts, then it must be in... Sent Mail. No. No. No!

It wasn't there either. After a few frantic refreshes and checking around, it reappeared in its rightful spot. In Drafts. Don't ask me what happened. I got lucky. In consequence, I've gone and stripped each draft of its target email address. But I left the messages themselves intact, saved for posterity. I'm not sure why. Maybe one day I'll send one of them. I did, once, which may have been an error. But I live on the edge. Eventually the errors have to balance out... don't they?


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