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Friday, June 09, 2006

Dublin in the sun.

Wow. The current weather in Dublin is outstanding. The past ten days have brought good tidings of unbroken sun and exceptionally high temperatures. Perfect for the post-exam celebrations! I really ought to be wearing sun protection - I normally do. Yet for the moment, since I tan rather than burn, I'm ignoring sound health advice. I'll definitely start applying the sunscreen after this weekend. A little vanity is at work - my summer tan is developing rapidly, and I'd like to get that base before I slap on the SPF. I've been lazing on the cricket pitch by the Pav for several afternoons and evenings straight. There's no better place to spend a day with friends. Nights out have been on the agenda too, as they are again tonight!

I over-spent yesterday (ridiculous drunken decision to spend €8.70 on post-pub food), and ended up missing the last bus home. So I crashed with a friend at Trinity Hall in Rathmines. I'm not familiar with the area at all, and consequently got lost as I made my way home today. Still, it was fun. I can be quite the wanderer; it's a frequent indulgence at home, and mandatory abroad. I loved scouting back and forth through the streets of Rathgar and Rathmines. It's a very pretty area, with rows of brown-bricked Georgian and Victorian houses, wide streets and lots of greenery. Much of it still has an urban village feel. If I was going to live in Dublin, then I'd definitely consider a house in the area. It's within walking and cycling distance of the city centre, so if I couldn't find a decent apartment, I think that would be my second choice. I don't plan to settle in Dublin though, so this is all a little irrelevant. :)

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