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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


If someday I speak of the end of college, then I shall say that it came yesterday, when I left through Front Arch after reading my results. C'est tout: the book is complete. To add to the mood, the past ten days have been peppered with departures. Only last night did I realise how few people were left.

I found this scribble on a page:
The times they are a-changin'; don't see it as a threat. Take a chance and seize the time, or 'ever know regret.

Change is only a threat if you see it as such. Think instead of opportunity.

And so I must move on. I wish I hadn't postponed my emigration till September; I'm merely treading water here. The end of college hasn't been traumatic; the whole decoupling has felt very natural and timely, though that's not to say I won't or don't miss people. When one finishes a good chapter, one hastens eagerly to the next. Sure, a break might be taken for the night, but it's frustrating to wait too long.

On the other hand, I haven't reached resolutions in everything yet. Before I go, I'd like to replace a lot of ambiguities with certainties. There's an unwritten list of people to see, places to go, risks to take and things to do over the coming weeks. Some have been bubbling for years, but others could only be described as recent whims! For instance, I've never been to Galway. So I'd like to visit for a weekend; it shouldn't be too expensive. All I need is a wee pot of gold and a partner in crime!

I'll close on a less circumspect note. If the past few weeks have taught me anything, it's that I managed to surround myself with an utterly charming bunch of people. I'm not talking exclusively about college friends; I include friends and family both near and abroad. I can honestly say that I've never felt more loved or appreciated at any point in my life. It's been special to realise how many people really like me. I'm not saying that I didn't know before, but rarely has it felt so obvious and widespread. Hopefully they all know how much I reciprocate, including those who read. And more narrowly, those who read the blog.

Footnote: Two minutes after I posted this, I received a text message, dispatched from a ferry putting out to sea. It was sent by another departing friend, as he looked back on the Dublin sunset. Perfect timing.

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