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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pan Witek - Man About Europe

You need to go and watch this video. (Don't blame me for the terrible quality - it must have been recorded on a phone.)

This Polish "street performer", Pan Witek, surfaced on Dublin's Grafton Street about a month ago. He's become a fixture now, and a cult hero for his sheer weirdness. Allegedly he ran in the presidential election back in Poland. I can't confirm this, because I can't read the 11,700 Polish webpages Google turns up for me.

A friend of mine saw Pan busking in Warsaw a year ago, and he became a figure of legend to that travelling party. He was flabbergasted to see him in Dublin. So much so that he bought the Pan Witek CD for 3 euro. The word of mouth is not good, I'm afraid. Although, to be fair, he expected too much from an old Polish guy who 'sings' with a bizarre rasp. And a beard that could slice bread.

P.S. I'm chuffed that I finally got to use 'flabbergasted' in a post.

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