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Monday, May 15, 2006

Martin goes to the Ball

Over-rated, over-hyped and fiendishly expensive to boot. But hell, I had a blast! Trinity College and I are divorcing in style. Welcome to my Trinity Ball ramblings. It's a work in progress, to be completed on library breaks.

Not my date! (I didn't have one, nor did half the attendees. It's not quite the same as a prom.) However, this gorgeous girl has kept me sane through four years of economics. And it's a good photo. :)

One of the obligatory group photos. It was taken in Cassidy's pub on Camden Street, about four hours before the Ball.

Also chez Cassidy's. I'm the pretentious-looking guy on the right.

That would be The Futureheads drenched in all the light. They were pretty entertaining, though nothing special. I did shuffle/dance to them!

Me post-Ball, in a friend's house in the city. Not too worse for wear, eh?

Funnily enough, I thought the two pre-Ball parties were at least as much fun as the Ball itself. I spent most of the Ball walking around randomly, losing people and then bumping into others. I was plied (OK, I plied myself) with several vodka and cokes, and a number of cigars. I struggled home at 11am.

Most random moment of the Ball: A rather attractive woman walked up to me, gently grasped my hand and coyly asked whether I'd like to taste her drink. OK, I thought I was being hit on. So I accepted with a smile, and offered her a sip from my glass in kind. She likewise accepted my offer... and walked off into the crowd with my drink. Cunning and devious.

I'll put up just a few pictures for now. Once I get a hold of some of my friends' photos, I shall add a couple of group shots. I'll try to select the ones where I retain a semblance of dignity. ;)

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