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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I have just NAILED my first exam! Bang bang - shazam. It feels all the better because I was expecting doom walking in this morning. The questions were fair and most of what I'd focussed on came up. It didn't go perfectly, mainly due to severe lack of sleep and poor time management (the last of four was incomplete and sloppy). Nonetheless, what exam ever goes perfectly? My first answer was stellar, and the following two were also in the zone. So I'm looking at a high 2.1 for that exam. :) Probably a stretch to expect a First. However, my assignments for that course had a 75 average, so it's not beyond expectation that I'll get a First for the course. Excellent!

Four more to go. I'm feeling very confident about Thursday's exam, even though it's pure maths. I put in hardcore time for that exam over the weekend, and it paid off in spades. (I think that's down less to the revision and more to do with the fact that I worked my socks off all through the year on the maths.) I want a First from Thursday.

Friday's exam is dubious. I know most of the material, but not exceptionally so. The assignment I handed in was poor. I have no idea what to expect from the exam paper, making it very difficult to prepare. 2.1 is as good as it gets.

Saturday, I have the general paper. An unseen paper - answer two essay questions. Haven't done a tap of work for it - I'm relying solely on my intuitive understanding of the discipline, coupled with my comparative advantage in bullshit.

Finally, Wednesday will bring the 'interdisciplinary' paper; it's a combination of law and economics. Haven't prepared for it at all yet, which is rather worrying. Be hoping for a 2.1 there too. Afterwards, I shall have quite a wild afternoon, evening and night. :) If you're within striking distance, come join the party!

It's practically impossible for me to get a First overall - I'd need a 75 average in these exams. And no one ever gets a 75 average in their exams. No one. Unless you're an insanely gifted theoretical physicist. It simply does not happen in the humanities or the social sciences. On the other side of the coin, I need a mere 51.7 average to scrape home with a 2.1. I could get 51.7 in my sleep. So the object of these exams is to attain a high 2.1, i.e. an overall degree average of 66 or better. It can be done. Below 65 would severely disappoint me.

My pre-exam regimen has evolved. OK, I still rely on a flurry of last-minute index cards. But there was no coffee this morning. I did 45 push-ups to get the tired blood flowing. It was driving rock all the way in on the train. (Yes, the train! I've managed to wrangle myself a lift to Malahide DART station for each exam morning. More reliable and faster than the bus, even if the station is a 5km drive away.) You have to feel like a prize fighter going into a final exam - not scared, not anxious, not lacksidaisical. Adrenaline all the way. Irt's still pumping, and I still feel good. Time to take a couple of hours' breather, before a return to the dungeon that is the lowest floor of the Ussher library. Oh, and I need to eat. I've been stuffing myself all week with cholesterol and junk food. It must be this fabled 'comfort eating'.

Anyway, enough of this. Cheer me on mentally and send me your love (or chocolates, or cash).

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