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Thursday, May 25, 2006


This morning's exam - Economic Theory - went horribly wrong. I think I've scored a full 10-15% below my target. I really banked on this paper being my strongest course; now it looks as if it'll be the worst. What's worse: this is the paper that they look at if you're applying for economics-related jobs or postgrads. If I don't get a 2.1, I can kiss that entire career path goodbye. (I'm not sure that's what I want to do, but I don't want the option closed to me.)

First half - Game Theory - went reasonably well. Not perfect, but I think I got a good 2.1 (65ish) in that part. However, I took far too long to get that 2.1. I wasn't left with enough time to answer the three questions in the second half of the paper. The first of those went ok, but by the time I came to the second, time was fast running out. That's when panic grips the brain, and the formulae I so desperately needed couldn't be found. That second question was poor. I only had 10 minutes left to write SOMETHING down for the final question. Because even if you put down rubbish, it still gets marks. Alas, the panic was too strong and I couldn't think of a single formula to write. So a full sixth of the marks are lost straight off. I'll end up with a dreadful Third in that second half, giving me a likely full-paper average of an upper 2.2. Not good enough. My worst fear was that this paper would go wrong - a bad day in one of the others could be rectified. Not this. I feel awful.

Now I've to pick myself up for another tough paper tomorrow morning, one which I was fearing even before today. This is not going to plan. Everyone else has scurried back to the library or off home - I need to get lunch and calm down.

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