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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

One less embarrassment in Europe.

Goodbye, Silvio. Toodles. Sayonara. You lost!!!

It wasn't exactly a resounding defeat. In truth, it makes the Gore-Bush election seem decisive. Prodi's Rebel Alliance coalition won 158 Senate seats to Berlusconi's 156, while in the lower house, Prodi scraped victory by a 25,000 vote margin. No surprise then that Silvio is disputing the outcome. And why wouldn't he? Defeat means that all of those legal protections he voted through to protect himself might, just might, unravel. Here's an interesting Guardian article from a couple of years back.

I confess, I got ahead of myself earlier when I saw this headline in the London Independent: "'Italy's top Mafia boss' is arrested". Not yet, but the clock is ticking...

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