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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The hierarchy of mouthpieces.

The White House is looking for a new spokesperson/press secretary/guffmeister. And where better to look than the Fox News channel?

Tony Snow, a Fox News presenter, is a front-runner to become Bush's next official mouthpiece. After some consideration, I'd class this as a promotion rather than a horizontal transfer. So congratulations may be in order. Same job, yes, but I suspect he'll get a bigger office. Any difference in salary, I wonder? Oh - and he gets to be the star 'anonymous insider'. Awesome all round...

Also, something else caught my eye in that article:

Bush’s searchers are considering at least one member of the press — Tony Snow of Fox News Radio and former host of "Fox News Sunday." Snow is an informal finalist, according to these people. Bush insiders say to watch Victoria Clarke, formerly Bush’s Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs.

The wha'?! "Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs"? Answers on a postcard please as to (a) what that title means, and (b) what that job entails. My initial suspicion is that this is the 'hearts and minds' corps; a large department dedicated to encouraging positive news coverage of Bush and the war in Iraq. (In other words, they bomb Al-Jazeera.)

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