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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Oh, how I laughed.

A chuckle-worthy story emanated from Washington DC early this morning. Gerry Adams was detained by airport security for... being on a terror watch list!

In a statement, Congressman Higgins said Adams' name had appeared on a terror watch list.

He said: "This is a man who has dedicated the past 25-years of his life to promoting peace and the unification of the 32 counties of Ireland into one united republic.

"That his name would appear in this untoward manner and that appearance, in the end, ruined his ability to celebrate St Patrick's Day in Buffalo is sad and unfortunate when one considers Gerry Adams' leadership in the decommissioning of the IRA's weapons and his commitment to the Good Friday agreements."

I laughed out loud at the bit in bold. There may well be a legitimate argument for removing him from "terror watch lists" at this stage. Nevertheless, I find this incident highly amusing. I half-expect an irony-free statement from a sharp attorney within the next few days, reading something like: "Gerard Adams categorically denies having ever been a member of, an associate of, associated with, or indeed having any communications - formal or informal, casual or straight-laced - with a terrorist organisation. On my client's behalf, I demand that the TSA withdraw and make amends for this outrageous slur immediately. Shame on you, Mr. President. And shame on the United States itself, for impugning the character of a noble, selfless, church-going, personable, and fundamentally decent man. Shame on you."

It caps a bad week for the bespectacled gentleman from Northern Ireland. He was banned from fundraising while in the US, and thus had to return all the money granted him at a gala by naive Irish-Americans.

He said: "I don't understand why I'm allowed to go to London for fundraising, but not come here."

Probably because your party operates and fields candidates in the UK, you plank. K, not S. And rehabilitation of terrorists doesn't seem to be in vogue right now in the US. Even ordinary reformed criminals don't command sympathy from the establishment. Tookie Williams, anyone?

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  • Load of crap. Adams just made that watchlist thing up because he didn't want to go to Buffalo. Saw them all on the local news (we get the Buffalo stations on Toronto cable) all plastic-paddyed up for him.

    By Blogger Mark Dowling, at Sat Mar 18, 09:04:00 p.m.  

  • Heh, I do believe it. No-one's ever recommended Buffalo to me as a stellar destination. Ah, plastic-paddies. I admit - if forced to choose, I'll take that variety of nationalism over the other... Even if much of the production is outsourced to China these days. (Alas, it's harder to outsource the other kind.)

    I like your blog. And despite my initial disgust, I'm reluctantly ready to give Robbinho a grace period as captain. There's always the slight chance that the responsibility will weigh on his brain.

    By Blogger Martin, at Mon Mar 20, 05:40:00 p.m.  

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