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Friday, March 24, 2006

Jackie Chirac.

A while back, someone of great audacity decided to make a satirical Jacques Chirac blog. Good old liberal Jacques eventually took offence and, via his chief of staff, demanded its shutdown. (After enduring eight weeks of biting... spoof.) Alas, instead of telling Jacques to shove it, the authors complied with the request. The French legal code may not have been in their favour - I don't know.

Anyway, the letter is quite amusing, mainly for its pompous air and its earnest attempts to make Jacques sound like an oh-so-reluctant censor. If you can't read French, I've written a very rough translation, which loses a bit of the sparkle, I admit. Anyone who can suggest improvements - leave a comment!

You have, for more than two months now, maintained the humorous site "Jacques Chirac's Personal Blog", lodged on the following domain:

Mr Jacques CHIRAC, while amused initially, recently shared with me his irritation vis-a-vis the alleged relations which you describe with the Publicis agency*. In addition, the multiple mockeries present among your readers' comments can seem defamatory.

The humour which you make certainly proves pleasing, but the liberties which you have taken with regard to the head of the State these last weeks lead us to require that you cease your activity immediately.

Please accept, Dear Sir, the expression of my distinguished consideration.

* Publicis is a rather large marketing and advertising agency in France. Hence the allusion to spin. I would never for one moment suggest that the Chirac regime would ever, ever, resort to something so base, so...Anglo-Saxon... as media manipulation.

Yes, I know the French have a lot of salutations, but that's one of the prissiest you could dig up. Be honoured - the Man raised an amused eyebrow once! Furthermore, and to your eternal credit, he and I both deigned to adjust our spectacles in order to cock a sniff at your existence! Anyone who uses the phrase "my distinguished consideration", in any language, in any context, deserves public ridicule. In my oh-so humble opinion. ;)

[Originally found via a Guardian news blog]

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  • Hey Martin! Haven't blog in a while, so I'll have a lot of catching up to do on my favorite blogs.

    Anyway... When I politician, or any public figure, for that matter, takes himself too seriously, it's never a good sign. And how does he supposed that he can control what's being said about him? I'm sure that hundreds of people laughs about him every day, whether it's on TV, radio shows, the Internet, at work, at home... He shouldn't make a big fuss about it. After all, it's a form of flattery. I bet that when he becomes a has-been and go back to obscurity, he'll miss those days. LOL!

    By Blogger Sonia, at Thu Mar 30, 04:16:00 p.m.  

  • Hey! How's things? I know, it's hard to keep up the blogging at times. Many of my posts come about purely due to procrastination...

    That's the hilarious thing - that people in the public eye think they can control their image. Idiots. Deep down, some of them seem to genuinely want everyone to love them. Never going to happen.

    Politicians with a sense of humour are all too rare. The tragedy is that most of the ones with even a smidgen of it come across as inept buffoons. Humour and competence in the one body is a very rare combination in politics.

    By Blogger Martin, at Thu Apr 06, 11:46:00 a.m.  

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