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Sunday, March 05, 2006

An American journey: Chicago to the Bay Area.

Last summer, I travelled across the US; a journey which was, without doubt, the greatest experience of my life. After having posted snaps from Berlin, I realise I've been a little remiss in not putting a collage of American pictures up here. I don't have photos covering the entire trip, but I do for a fair portion. I've whittled the 650 shots down to the few dozen I'll upload here over the next few days. [Edit: 'next few months' seems to be more accurate!] I'll group them to some extent, but the groups won't be posted in chronological order. Enjoy - for even if you're American, I doubt you've seen most of these places! Hope you've got broadband. ;)


Sears Tower is the one in the centre. It was simply impossible to capture the building in one shot, so I resorted to this kind of chicanery. Plus, the rain was endless.

The western bank of the Mississippi river. Bear in mind this is the upper Mississippi. It may be thousands of miles from the Gulf, but it's still breathtaking.

The Denver skyline. I'm not sure if the haze is caused by cloud or smog.

In a country known for its metropolitan sprawl, this is one of many reminders of the awesome scale and diversity of the North American continent.

This was a pretty sight. I don't think that's the Colorado; I was still on the eastern side of the Rockies.

An empty roadway high in the Rockies. A little flat patch too - a rare sight.

It may not grab your attention, but this was some of my favourite scenery in Colorado.

The wall of a long canyon the train passed through.

An interesting way to make your view heard.

A red-rocked canyon.

The Colorado river, not too far from its source.

This guy must get lonely sometimes. There was nothing either side for fifty miles.

A truly spectacular landscape in eastern Utah.

Another (slightly less) impressive rock formation.

The (in)appropriately named Grand Junction. It's not actually a junction - rather it's a small, spread-out town which merits its own stop on the railway.

A technicolour sky above the sands of the Utah desert.

A beautiful sight to wake up to: a glorious sunrise over the Sierra Nevada.

If only I could have manouevured a little closer to the edge, you would have seen the vast chasm of the Sierra Nevada valley beneath. Nevertheless, a stunning vista from a great height.

The sun sets over San Pablo Bay, as we glide toward Emeryville station. The train eventually trundled in, five hours behind schedule. Grrr.

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