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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Trash (not thrash) music.

I notice that David Gray has a new single out called "Hospital Food". Delightfully appropriate, because I think that David Gray is the musical equivalent of hospital food. Bland, sterile, turgid, and may cause drowsiness.

Long ago, as a young lad (?!), I made the mistake of buying one of his albums. I got home, sat back and let it play. Somewhere during the fourth track, I fell asleep. A few days later, in an effort to redeem my purchase, I repeated the experiment. That time, I was snoring before the end of the third song; a damning indictment, methinks. The worst CD I ever bought. (Yes, worse even than Michael Hutchence's solo album. And given that Hutchence died half-way through recording, its inconsistency can be excused; I still listen to the better songs.)

Following that, it took me two years to trade away the disc. I settled for two CD-Rs in exchange; a fair price.



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