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Thursday, November 10, 2005

So, what's going on with me at the moment?

I'm quirkyalone! Ya wha'? Read on and see. :P

Meh. I get around to writing this kind of post every so often. Those looking for my political, environmental, humorous (!) or otherwise topical scribblings should know to hit 'Page Down' a couple of times!

It's 'Reading Week' at college. See, in the middle of the first two terms, some courses get a week off without lectures. The intention, allegedly, is to allow us to catch up on our reading. For my first three years, I jointly took philosophy and economics, but oddly enough, we philosophers didn't get a week off to immerse ourselves in dusty tomes! Since I'm taking pure economics this year, this is my first reading week. Ahem. But like so many first times, it's been kinda messy, and I haven't extracted maximum benefit from it.

I've had a nasty cold and a sore throat since Saturday, so I haven't been able to go into college at all. That's a problem, because I don't study well at home, and also because many of the books I need are in the library or my locker. I'm making some effort to study here, but it's difficult. I've managed a few hours a day, devoted largely to game theory. I've also drawn up a brilliantly rigorous study timetable for the rest of term. Left to my own devices, I'm incredibly disorganised and chaotic, so I need to build extra-rigid frameworks to get anything done. Whether I stick to the timetable or not is open to debate. I need incentives and rewards galore, I think, which aren't forthcoming at the moment. I'm single (and by nature not a predator) so a major reward source is thin on the ground. Boo. Oh - while browsing/idling aimlessly through Wikipedia today, I came across a neologism which fits me like a glove: 'Quirkyalone'. Go see! I took the associated test...

How quirkyalone are you?

Your score was 98. Very quirkyalone:

Relatives may give you quizzical looks, and so may friends, but you know in your heart of hearts that you are following your inner voice. Though you may not be romancing a single person, you are romancing the world. Celebrate your freedom on National Quirkyalone Day, February 14th!

Heh, we do need our own festival on the fourteenth! Although my youthful hormones preclude me from being a perfect fit - I may invite Bacchus and Eros to the festival - I sense that I'm stranded on this path. Yet I'm not too bothered about it. I've never felt a need to randomly date; I couldn't be bothered sorting through all the poor matches. One needs to set a sparkle in my mind to earn a first date with me. (I do find those sparkles, occasionally!) I used to be in denial about it - I thought it a failing; nowadays I'm less than negative. C'est moi. Here's an article on this fine new noun and adjective.

Aaargh! This cough is driving me nuts. As is the putrefying nose. I haven't been out the door in a few days, nor have I even shaved. Sticky goo has an unfortunate habit of catching in hair, adding to the general grossness of the situation.

On the positive side, erm... I started reading Crime and Punishment last night. The book's been accumulating fluff and dust mites on my shelf for at least two years. I was never in the right mood for reading it, until now; I'd never made it past the first two pages. I only read about fifty pages last night, but it has definitely got my attention. Quite enjoyable! I took ages to pick out a book last night. Took On the Road and Heart of Darkness to the bedside, but soon replaced them. Third time lucky. I wasn't in the mood for re-reading anything - so that ruled out On the Road. I only got a page into Heart of Darkness before realising I wasn't in form for that either. So back to the shelves. There's not much there I haven't read yet. Most of the unfinished or barely opened volumes are dishwater-dull philosophy tracts; you need to be in a particularly perverse humour to take those to your pillow. Michel Foucault, I'm talking about you. On the other hand, I expect that Kant's Critique of Pure Reason will remain unperused until my greyer years.

We have digital TV at home now. That means I can watch The Daily Show each night on More4! A half-hour of merciless genius, but normally I'm not at home when it airs. The sticky goo and raw throat have combined to grant me a sweet opportunity this week! I've also been watching the various dregs of TV. South Park each night is another near-addiction. Never mind that the recent episodes have been awful. (Paramount Comedy is repeating the third series.) What else? Um, not that much actually. My brother's sicker than I am, and he's been hogging the TV the way Kate Moss hogs... the limelight. Mmm. Digital TV and its 500 channels are, in the main, a waste of money. Yet I feel that I can't go back to the eight channels of fuzz and static. Bah.

Am I happy right now? Guess so. 'Reasonably content' would be an appropriate description. Could be a lot worse - there's no major problems in my life. I'm in a bit of debt, but it's very manageable. Most of the emotional stress has dissipated. I've become reaccustomed to the drudging banality of everyday life, having come down from my holiday highs. Nevertheless, I'm not the sort of guy who can handle 'content' for an extended period. I'll need some acid highs before too long, and I'm willing to take the associated lows in order to get them. Oh, and in this case, I don't mean 'acid' literally.

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