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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pat Robertson called to heel.

I came across this post in the rather brilliant Swift Report: 'God Denies Links to Pat Robertson'.

"Frankly He’s a little bit tired of this guy and thinks his shtick is getting really old," says a source who works closely with the Higher Being. The source notes that God has even contacted a lawyer about sending Mr. Robertson a "cease and desist" letter, demanding that the conservative broadcaster stop using His name on the 700 Club, in speeches and in other correspondence.

Heh. But even more amusing was one of the comments left behind:

please give Pat a break. He is a devoted person and when he smiles I feel just like GOD herself is smiling at me. By the way every single person who was stucked at the New Orleans convention center and the big stadium should send Pat 5$ because he spent whole half an hour to pray for them and his prayer was answered few days later. Praise The Lord and The Federal Reserve System(for printing enough $ out of the air)

That's (probably) the work of a genius, though I'll concede that it could be the heartfelt ravings of a lunatic...

By the way, do feel free to click here for the South Park take on Pat Robertson.

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