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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Irish government mockery.

This affair has been bubbling away for the last week or two. It turns out that the Irish Government's chief science advisor got his Ph.D. from an unaccredited diploma-mill. "Pacific Western University" is essentially a website selling degrees. It probably makes up a significant part of your junk mail folder.

An Arizona TV network investigated this joke of an institution last year:

So the investigators set out to find Pacific Western University. We pay a visit to its "campus" located in Los Angeles. We don't find students, classrooms or professors. Only a small office with two receptionists and a man who introduces himself as the dean.

The chief science advisor! With a joke degree! Oh, the incompetence. Doesn't anybody in that vast, bloated civil service check these things out? Maybe I'll just blatantly lie on my next CV - nobody seems to care. An M.Sc. from McDonald's University, how about that? (Yes, that is also real. The "university" - not my M.Sc.)

Dr McSweeney has so far failed to respond to calls for an explanation of a 1992 PhD he received from California-based Pacific Western University (PWU) an institution found to be little more than a one-room operation offering degrees over the internet for a flat fee.


As part of his remit, Dr McSweeney is responsible for advising the Government on the more than €2.4 billion due to be spent on science and technology under the National Development Plan.

That's €2.4 billion of taxpayers' money... treated like shit as usual. The 'doctor' in question refuses to resign or step aside, and the government is slowly getting around to doing something about it. What would a private corporation do in this situation, I wonder?


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