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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Comment moderation.

I notice that Blogger has added comment moderation to the system. On balance, that's probably a good thing. Previously, a blog owner was only able to delete comments, not edit them.

However, I fear a few bloggers may take undue advantage of this device. Human nature and all that! So I think I should make my own policy clear on this. I have no intention of moderating any comments, whether critical, offensive or otherwise. I welcome intelligent criticism - nearly as much as I welcome gushing praise or a witty riposte. ;)
I don't welcome offensive and/or prejudiced comments. However, I will choose to rebut those in writing, rather than censor them. I'm a free speech advocate, and besides, you don't defeat ignorance by driving it underground. I might have to tweak with libellous comments. Haven't had any, and can't see it ever being a problem. But I know other blogs have been forced to deal with it. Somehow, I don't think mine is popular enough!

I will continue my policy of deleting spam advertising. Grrrr.



  • I decided to enable comment moderation. I have some very persistent trolls who visit my site who make personal attacks on me and on other readers. I also have more than my share of religious and political fanatics who are quite rude to anyone who doesn't agree with them. So I hope comment moderation will alleviate some of the problems.

    By Blogger Willow, at Mon Nov 07, 12:46:00 p.m.  

  • I can understand that. I didn't mean to sound as if I was attacking anyone who moderates - just the ones doing it out of pure vanity. Sorry to hear about the trolls. I liked your blog, btw.

    By Blogger Martin, at Tue Nov 08, 02:50:00 p.m.  

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