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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bill O'Reilly's list of enemies.

Bill O'Reilly says he's compiling a "list of enemies", to be published shortly. $20 in hardback. ;)

I'm posting this link as a public service, because I know some of you will want to sign up! There's no official way of joining, but this seems as good a way as any. Alternatively, click here to send a supportive email to the man himself. Put whatever you'd like in it. Tell him you love him if you want. Maybe you do.

I'm not joining the list, by the way. Unless this post gets me an invite... Hmph. I have been caught watching the O'Reilly Factor from time to time, mostly for amusement or to raise my hackles. But come on - the very idea of such a prominent figure publishing a list of enemies is daft. You're losing the run of yourself, Bill. This makes you look like a fool. Imagine the scorn John Kerry or Ben Affleck would invite upon themselves for this! But publish away; we're all free to make ourselves look like fools. (I'm sure if you were to browse my archives you'd find one or two egregious examples.)

I would like to sign up for Pat Robertson's list though. Links, anyone?



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