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Friday, October 21, 2005

Rio Ferdinand: truly committed to the cause. (Sarcasm)

Ah, Rio Ferdinand. The £100,000 a week man - despite incurring an eight-month ban for skipping a drugs test (to go shopping). A true hero to the Man Utd faithful.

It seems he's had another lapse of memory. He turned up to train on a rest day. All credit to the man: such dedication is rare. (From Rio.) This follows his recent lapses of concentration, and the mysterious disappearance of his talent. And wage rise.

Last time out saw the Reds score three and perform well apart from some worrying, Ferdinand-induced, lapses in defence. The shock of being dropped by England might concentrate his mind on performing well for United, something he hasn’t really managed all season, although the strain of worrying about increasing his wages beyond £100,000 per week has obviously been telling on the poor lamb.


Rio Ferdinand has had a poor start to the season not helped by the continuing furore over what the fans saw as his extortionate salary demands. His performances have been generally poor or indecisive culminating in a disastrous couple of mistakes against Fulham.

That's £50,000 for each goal conceded against Fulham, a side striving in vain for mediocrity. No wonder United's own fans boo him.



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