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Sunday, October 16, 2005

On Love

Time for some pseudo-philosophy. There are so many frivolous, mock-profound questions to be asked about love. Non-adults, prepare to be impressed. Verbal trickery awaits!

--> Is it better to be loved, but not love, or to love and not be loved? (Both suck, in the long run.)

--> Is true love that which obliterates the self, or that which preserves two beings as separate but inseparable? Reason would say the latter. Yet the first is so wild, so seductive - the love that seeks annihilation. Have you ever felt vertigo? Contrary to common-sense, vertigo is not the fear of falling, but the desire to fall. I've known that desire. At a great height on an Oregon mountain... and in the desire to merge - which would lead to my own destruction. (With a nod to Milan)

--> Would life be better without love and its pains, or worse without love and its joys? (To my utilitarian friends: think in the aggregate)

--> Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all?

--> Where does infatuation end and love begin?

--> Where does love end and hate begin?

--> Why do we fear love so much? Is it because we're terrified of losing love, of the heartache that would bring (again)? But does your heart not suffer all the time you resist it? We're all susceptible to love. Sometimes we'll call it by another name, or flat-out deny it, because of that gut-wrenching fear, or maybe just because it's terribly inconvenient. The most awful risk is of suppressing that realisation of Love... until it's too late. That risk declines with maturity - yet we're all vulnerable to it. Love and fear make a volatile brew.

Meh. Bored of that now, to be honest. My inner adolescent had to get that junk out of the way before I write a much more serious, fairly personal piece. About emotion, passion, repression, betrayals, hurts and pains. And of course, love is inseparable from those. (It's not about any one woman, don't worry!) :P I'll put it up in the next couple of days, once I'm finished it. Hopefully it'll at least provoke a thought.

And hey, if the above questions do provoke some musings, well, all the better! But love can't be fully comprehended intellectually: in the abstract. Don't try and define it. If it was measurable and predictable, it would lose the whole of its magic. You know love when the thoughts stop coming, when the heart stops beating, and when the tears keep flowing. When your cheeks are touching, four eyes looking in the one direction, and the world's not turning.

Enough rhetorical mischief! The night has fallen, and passion is awake.

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