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Monday, October 10, 2005

My college timetable (skip this inane post)

I guess it's not so bad. 11 hours a week. No classes Wednesday or Friday. My only gripe is with the Monday morning. I have a pair of two-hour lectures back-to-back in the same overcrowded room. From 9am to 1pm. Hell of a way to kick off the week.

Right now, I'm in the computer lab typing up a printable timetable, so excuse me the meaningless, fluffy post. I assure my readers - all two hundred of you ;) - that I'll have something more substantial to post later. Later means either tonight or tomorrow.

I was going to write an excoriating rant on the atrocious, insipid, flaccid, vile performance of the Irish team against Cyprus. But I shan't waste your time on such fumes. Perhaps I'll whine about something later this evening. If anyone wants to set the ball rolling, leave a comment here. All incitements to self-righteous anger and indignation are welcome. That reminds me: I really will have to write my rant about the so-called "national question" soon. Toodles.


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