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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hooking up via the Facebook.

[For reference: I'm talking about The Facebook. It's only a fledgling community in Ireland. And if you're not in college, alas, 'twill make no sense.]

Never tried it. (Yet. But feel free to poke me.) Have any of you, dear readers? It's obviously a live option for some folks. On your profile, you can choose the quality of human company you seek. Five options: 'Friendship', 'Dating', 'A Relationship', 'Random Play', 'Whatever I Can Get'. Needless to say, I selected the latter. It's a popular choice. Though it makes one sound rather indiscriminate, at least you can imagine it said with a gleam in the eye.

I supplemented 'Whatever I Can Get' with 'Friendship', just to take the poison out of it. In reality, I'm far from indiscriminate. Honest!

On the other hand, proclaiming that you're seeking 'A Relationship' reeks of chronic despair. It shows that one lacks the wit to sublimate the love desire under something a little less... formal? Who wants commitment up front? Learn some basic lessons, people. If you want 'A Relationship', the surest way of not getting it is by broadcasting the fact as your introduction. Even before the first date! I'm not too bothered about your failings (I have a stock of my own to manage) - I write this out of philanthropy. For survival of the fittest will eventually take hold.

Disclaimer: I offer my advice unsolicited, as is, without warranty. Foolhardy are those who solicit my advice. My wisdom should be relied on only in a last resort. Or second-last... i.e. before you ask the vicar about reverse cowgirl. I'm better than that, friends.

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