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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Global warming and nuclear power?

Just a short response to some feedback I received on my nuclear energy post. (Amongst other things) I was asked why I made no mention of global warming, and the carbon dioxide savings to be gleaned by substituting nuclear and renewable energy for fossil fuels. The simple answer is that I wanted to make the case without mentioning global warming. Let's be honest, global warming is not a proven fact accepted by everyone. Rather, it is a scientific theory with a reasonably strong scientific backing. On probabilities, I am convinced that the phenomenon is occurring, that we need a concerted effort to try and minimise the effect, and that we must make preparations to live with its consequences. However, I accept that I could be wrong. I don't have access to all the relevant data, nor do I have the scientific expertise to interpret them. I will often choose to argue without reference to disputed theories - and in this case I have tried to do so - because I also want to convince the people who don't accept them.

Over and out. Comments welcome, as always, on any post or topic I've raised. :)

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