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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Football predictions: Ireland v Switzerland

There's very little reason for optimism regarding Ireland's chances tonight. Most likely, I'll be standing in hard rain, watching Ireland's team being washed away - done in by their own lack of professionalism. A similar performance to the Cyprus game would be disastrous. I'm going to hold some optimism though - otherwise I'd be wasting my time and money. Hopefully these highly-paid prima-donnas will give the best game of their lives, and give us a fighting chance of reaching the World Cup.

I want to see the following team this evening:

Finnan, Cunningham, Dunne, Harte;
S. Reid, Holland, Kavanagh;
A. Reid;
Connolly, Morrison

Throw caution to the wind and be damned. I'm sick to my stomach of Robbie Keane. Drop him to the bench - bring him on after 60 if needs be. Connolly doesn't gel with Robbie Keane at all, but he's an adequate replacement. Tough choice between Morrison and Elliott for the second striking berth though. The young lad did nothing wrong on Saturday, but I feel the combination above would work better.

I've also dropped Kilbane, Carr, and O'Shea. I'd love to dump Kavanagh as well, but we've no replacement. Kilbane has been abysmal for the best part of a year. Hard-worker he may be, but goodbye son. O'Shea's been as poor a defender as Harte ever was. And at least the man from Drogheda can pass and hit free-kicks. Carr hasn't been too bad, to be fair. However, Finnan is the best full-back we have. It's outrageous that we continue to lump him in midfield or leave him on the bench.

But Brian Kerr will not select the team above. A conservative 4-4-2 formation is certain. Therefore, I expect to see the following line-up:

Carr, Dunne, Cunningham, Harte;
Finnan, Holland, Kavanagh, A. Reid;
Keane, Morrison

Good luck to us. I really hope to see a 2-1 win. I fear a draw or defeat are more likely. But I go in hope. Vive l'Irlande, eh?!

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