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Friday, October 07, 2005

Fantastic news: a cervical cancer vaccine

For once, a truly uplifting piece of news to report. The London Times reports that a new drug, Gardasil, has proved 100% effective in trials against two viruses responsible for causing most cervical cancers. This means an end to smear tests and an awful lot of lives saved. The BBC notes that cervical cancer kills 274,000 women worldwide every year.

However, the same BBC article (and some others on the web) claims that unnamed critics are apparently up in arms over the fact that the vaccine should optimally be administered before adolescence. The two viruses this vaccine defeats are STDs. Thus, administering the vaccine to children would somehow encourage underage sex... Yes.

I'd like to make two points. One: show me these "unnamed critics". Two: they are, of course, correct. While it would be well and dandy to tend to women's physical health, we have to look after their moral health too. And where those conflict, well, morals come out trumps. We could save millions of lives, but by doing so we would have to condemn millions of women to an immoral, filthy lifestyle. They might have sex. They might even (shudder) enjoy it. But worst of all, my friends, they might choose to have sex, for pleasure, with whomever they choose; marriage and traditional values be damned. In the grand scheme of things, the moral good of saving millions of lives does not outweigh the evil caused by encouraging people to have sex. Especially underage, awkward, fumbling sex.

If these unnamed critics surface, feed them to the dogs. The zombies have no further use for them.

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