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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cease and desist.

Having run out of poorly-defended targets, the Bush administration has turned its guns on The Onion... for using the President's seal 'as an endorsement'! You couldn't make this stuff up!

"It is inconceivable that anyone would think that, by using the seal, The Onion intends to 'convey... sponsorship or approval' by the president," wrote Rochelle H. Klaskin, the paper's lawyer.

Hah. True enough!


I would really like to poke fun at some other government. Honest. This one just happens to provide an abundance of material to work with (and it's omnipresent).
Living with the Irish government, on the other hand, just isn't funny. They're lazy, incompetent, and duck responsibility, yet steadfastly refuse to provide any comic relief, intentional or otherwise. Thus they have no endearing qualities whatsoever.

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